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    There is a built-in 620 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It’s difficult to say how long the battery will last but while printing I managed to print at least 15 prints without recharging. I also left it for a week while away and came back to it still fully charged so that’s good.Printing and Prints:The actual printing is quite interesting. The paper will move in and out Kodak Printer Technical Support Number of the printer four times each time adding a different step to the development. Depending on the image, you can see a yellow, red, and blue pass with the last pass being a clear coat for a longer life and vibrancy. Kodak says the 4Pass technology is capable of 256 Gradations and 16.7 million colors, with a lifespan up to 10yrs. The entire process takes less than a minute and once done is dry instantly so no waiting. The paper seemed to have better dynamic range and detail but the image overall was darker and with muted colors. The Kodak paper had bright vibrant colors but a softer image. For the size of these prints the better color stands out more than the sharper detail and I much prefer the Kodak paper over the ZINK. I also didn’t do any specific editing over my usual editing to try and get a better result. I’m sure with a little practice like any printer you could dial in your images for the best results.
    The paper quality, in general, was very good. It has a durable feel to it, doesn’t show fingerprints, and seems like it wouldn’t get ruined quickly if you gave it away.

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