The OYED (Odo Oro Ekiti Youths for Empowerment & Development) Cooperative was born in 2017 with the singular vision to aggregate the individual energies of the vibrant youths Odo Oro Ekiti, in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti state, towards ensuring the enhancement of the economic development of the enclave.

About Odo Oro

Odo Oro is a populated place and is located in Ekiti, Nigeria. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 567 metres. EluAra as it is fondly called, is made of up several clans/communities, and is spread in two political wars, Ward 3 and Ward 6 of Ikole LGA. Led by a traditional ruler, Onise of Odo Oro Ekiti, it also has sole representation in the House of Assembly, among others. The approximate population of the enclave is about 25,000 people.


The economy of Odo Oro is dominated by Agriculture, Logging, Commercial activities and Education. Odo Oro is home to several state and federal educational institutions, and also house several local government facilities. The more developed part of Ikole LGA, several hotels are located in the town as is the main Odo Oro market and related retail outlets. Yam, Cocoa and Plantain are the mainstay crops in Odo Oro, and the area is known for logging and sawmilling among others


The Dream

The dream to institute OYED was borne out of the vision of outstanding and enterprising leaders from Odo Oro who yearned for youth participating in leading the economy of the enclave out of poverty and unemployment.


The objectives is for the Co-operative to:

  1. Attract minimal savings from members, pooled in adition to external and development funding to underpin investments in Odo Oro
  2. Leverage the cooperative as a platform for technical and capabilities building in critical industries like technology, mining, agriculture and energy.
  3. Leverage the cooperative to access developmental and government assistance for commercial efforts in the community for job creation

Active Member
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